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Wastewater Management

Remote, Urban and Industrial

Design & Upgrading

CDE Sciences design and manufacture small wastewater treatment plants for rural and remote applications. These treatment plants are manufactured using lightweight materials for improved transport and handling.

Specialised septic septic systems can also be made for this purpose.

Many of these systems can be designed to operate using renewable power systems.

Treatment and waterwater management systems can also be manufactured as 'add-ons' to improve the quality of final effluent.

Odour Management

Many wastewater management facilities are facing the growing environmental issues associated with odour. This is often attributed to three factors :

  1. An increase in local population that has seen an increase in local development, subsequently resulting in a reduction of distance between wastewater treatment plant and the public.
  2. An increase in local population that has seen an increase in flows being received at the inlet works.
  3. Efforts of water conservation within the community that results in higher strength wastewater being received at the inlet works.

In most instances CDE Sciences can design and install simple odour management systems that can control and mitigate odours that emanate from point sources in the wastewater treatment plant.

Training & Mentoring

Training is crucial to the development of every organisation.

Over the past 30-years, we have seen a growing recognition of wastewater as a reusable resource. Subsequently the people employed in this specialised vocation need to be upskilled and need to receive appropriate training in sciences and mathematics. Unfortunately many of these people struggle with these concepts, because of the only type of training that is offered within the industry is distance or remote education.

Our training programs are aligned with VET Training Programs, with more detail pertaining to the wastewater treatment plant that is operated. We also offer mentoring and support via Skype for people who are undertaking formal training in this area.

Our trainers have worked with Indigenous Australians, and in mining environments, remote communities and international communities.

We also offer more complex training modules for engineers and scientists who need upskilling or reskilling for new roles within their organisation. 

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